Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Orthodontist

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By , May 30, 2015

Choosing An OrthodontistIn most locations in the United States, there is competition among Orthodontists. We try to put our best effort in making a parent/patient comfortable about their decision in who is going to provide them with orthodontic services. To determine what this group of consumers were valuing the most and the criteria that they were using, I collected data from parents with a small survey. The survey asked the person to list 10 items in order of importance to them. Listed below, in order of most importance to least, are the Top 10 Reasons consumers chose their orthodontist. Read more »

Tied Dyed Orthodontic T-Shirts

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By , May 20, 2015

Just wanted everyone to know that we have Dr. Thompson’s Tie Dyed T-Shirts in stock for our patients.  These have been very popular.  They have a large peace sign on the front and “Peace, Love & Braces” on the back.  If you haven’t got one, just ask at your next appointment.


Removing Braces is Easy

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By , April 14, 2015

This video shows how easy it is to remove braces.  There is a special plier that I use and it shears the bracket from the tooth.  After the braces are removed, I use a high speed handpiece with a carbide finishing bur to remove the adhesive that is left.  It is painless and easy.  So the next time your friend says, “When they remove your braces it hurts”.  Tell them that you know better and show them the video.

How Did I Get These White Spots?

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By , September 14, 2012

Braces removed and I have white spots


Dr. Thompson & staff are constantly talking to parents and patients about keeping white spots from developing and how they start.  Here is an article at our sister website  Read about how to prevent white decalcification spots.

Toothbrush Abrasion – Can You Brush Too Hard?

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By , May 21, 2012

Can you brush too hard?  Yes you can.  Some adult patients, when they go to see their dentist at their regular six month check up, are sometimes surprised that they are informed they are brushing too hard.  Their family dentist will show them a place or multiple places where the gum tissue has started pulled away from their roots leaving their roots exposed.  This is called toothbrush abrasion.  Patients who have toothbrush abrasion like the feeling of brushing hard and they think they are getting their teeth really clean.  They may be doing more harm than good.

What is toothbrush abrasion?  Read more »

What Age Should I Take My Child for their First Time Orthodontic Visit?

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By , January 25, 2012

A parent asked today, “What is the best age for a first time check up for my child?”

A good time for an orthodontic exam is 6 to 8 years old. The main reason for the exam is to evaluate the child for growth problems of the jaw, eruption of the teeth and other problems with development of the mouth. When we are proactive with orthodontic treatment we can provide space for newly erupting teeth or make the jaws align better.  This early treatment usually provides for an easier treatment plan at a later date.

If nothing needs to be done at that age, the patient is placed on yearly recall.  The youngest child I have treatmented, so far, is 3 years old.  The oldest patient I have treated is 81 years old.  So you see, orthodontic treatment is not just for teenagers.   There is no cost for the consultations  and recall visits with Dr. Thompson.

Does It Hurt When Your Braces Are Removed?

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By , January 24, 2012

Does it hurt when you take braces off?  Read more »

Movies Anyone?

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By , January 23, 2012


Congratulations goes to Andrew Phillips.  At the end of December, Andrew’s card was drawn and he won a $50 Marquee Cinema Gift card!  About every month, we select an appointment card from our famous purple fish bowl for a prize so don’t forget your card.

We’re Getting Ready for National Children’s Dental Health Month

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By , January 20, 2012

Dr. Thompson and staff are  getting our supplies ready to go to the Elementary schools for the ADA’s National Children’s Dental Health Month. We have sent out numerous letters to local elementary schools.  Dr. Thompson will speak to over a thousand 2nd to 5th grade students about how to take care of their teeth.  If you want to know more about the National Children’s Dental Health Month click here.  We will post pictures of each class and place them on and our FaceBook Page

Update:  So far we have scheduled to go to Cox’s Landing, Highlawn, Southside, Davis Creek and Hite Saunders Elementary Schools.  Dr. Thompson will be teaching upto 800 students during February.

Dance Fever

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By , January 11, 2012

Guess who dressed up for “Decades Day”? Lauren Gaal is. Lauren is in 6th grade at Calvary Baptist Academy in Hurricane. Laura is all dressed up and ready to bust a move. I think she may have raided her Mom’s closet :) Tomorrow is “Famous Person Day” and Friday is “Spirit Day”.  We really like the shoe strings and socks combo.  Nice touch.  Have fun Lauren and check out John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” sometime.