Does it hurt when you take braces off?  Many patients talk to their friends and ask if it hurts when they have their braces removed.  Their friends, seizing an opportunity, will say, “Oh yes, it really hurts when they take your braces off”.  Tarah Ferguson, shown above, had her braces removed today.  She was apprehensive, but I told her it didn’t hurt.

Braces are removed with a special tool where the bracket is squeezed and the base is peeled off of the tooth.  The enamel is not harmed in any way.  After the bracket is removed, the adhesive is still on the tooth.  That is removed by a high speed handpiece and a 12 fluted carbined finishing bur or by cleaving it off with a special plyers.  Again, no harm is done to the enamel.

I took Tarah’s braces off while I was talking to her mom.  It took less than a minute.  Tarah thought the braces were still on her teeth.  She didn’t realize I had taken them off.  LOL  When she finally moved her lips and tongue across her teeth, she was shocked and placed a big grin on her face.  We all had a good laugh.  So if you want to know….”does it hurt to get my braces removed?”   Ask Tarah 🙂

This video shows how easy it is to remove braces.  There is a special plier that I use and it shears the bracket from the tooth.  After the braces are removed, I use a high speed handpiece with a carbide finishing bur to remove the adhesive that is left.  It is painless and easy.  So the next time your friend says, “When they remove your braces it hurts”.  Tell them that you know better and show them the video.