Emily Beckett
Pink Glitter Peace Retainers

Emily Beckett is very happy. She had her braces removed today! Usually Dr. Thompson gives a patient a choice in two types of retainers. Clear plastic retainers or Conventional retainers. The clear plastic retainers are just that, they are clear thin plastic that is molded around the teeth. Most patients select the clear plastic type because they can’t be seen and they are thin and easy to wear. The conventional retainers are standard retainers that are made of plastic and wire. The advantage of conventional retainers is that they are more durable and can come in colors. Emily chose the conventional retainers and both Dr. Thompson and the staff thought her retainers were very pretty.  We have seen a lot of retainer, but these looked very nice.  Emily selected pink glitter with a peace sign in the middle of the upper retainer.  Congratulations Emily and show off those retainers once in a while because they are sharp.